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                    development history

                    In 1992, a model factory was set up, with only 8 technicians at the beginning.
                    In 2002, and approved by ISO9001;
                    In 2007, it became a qualified supplier with the US Zebra Inc.
                    In 2008, it passed ISO9001:2015, TS16949 (now for IATF16949:2016), ISO14001:2015, QC080000 certification, and in cooperation with German Mahler Bell, supply to the German BMW car;
                    In 2009, cooperation with Cummins in the United States was established.
                    In 2012, the company was formally established with Lexmark cooperation company.
                    In 2012, the company launched the ERP enterprise management system and entered the new mileage.
                    In 2013, it became the first tier supplier with Newell group's world top 500 enterprises.
                    In 2014, the expansion project of 60000 square meters was completed and comprehensive development was carried out in various industries.
                    In 2015, the Property Department of the industrial and high-grade office buildings was established.
                    In 2016, the joint venture created the plastic business department.
                    In 2017, it became a tier one supplier of customers and Valeo customers.
                    In 2018, a joint venture was established in Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, along with Polytron Technologies Inc.