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                    QF Metal Products

                    Dongguan Qiang Fa Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dongguan strong hair group. It was founded in 1992. There are 200 employees including professional technology, including 6 R&D developers and 20 quality managers.
                    The company specializes in metal mold design, manufacturing, metal parts stamping production, the company has a large number of modern production equipment (such as Sadegh CNC, EDM wire walking, etc.), stamping production equipment more than 40 Taiwan (10-1000T Press), electronic assembly line and testing instrument (Japan Mitutoyo projector three yuan, etc.).
                    The products are widely used in the automotive industry (such as sound, refrigeration equipment, cooling equipment, household appliances, etc.) of the housing support (such as TV, tape recorders, air conditioners, DVD, microwave oven, electric oven, etc.), office equipment accessories (such as computer, copier, printer, etc.) (such as electrical motor stator the rotor / shell, etc.) and machinery and other industries, products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, end users including BMW, Futian, Cummings, Emerson, EPSON, Daikin, zebra, beauty, Shinano etc.. Mature technology, excellent equipment, clean environment, excellent quality and reasonable price have been recognized and praised by the customers.
                    In order to achieve higher customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable business, the company started implementing ISO14001, QC080000 and ISO/TS16949 system in 2007 and passed the certification in 2008. The company always adhered to the quality policy of "quality first, credit supremacy, full participation and continuous progress" and "beyond expectations, innovation, commitment and win-win" business philosophy, and dedication to provide first-class products and services for our customers. We look forward to your cooperation and create a better tomorrow!

                    Die shop

                    Punching workshop

                    Spraying and Powder Coating Workshop

                    Screen printing workshop & Cleaning Workshop

                    major equipment

                    main products


                    Main customer

                    • baoma
                    • benci
                    • behr
                    • byd
                    • compx
                    • daikin
                    • dormakaba
                    • emerson
                    • erico
                    • ftqc
                    • zebra
                    • meidi
                    • valeo
                    • newell
                    • shinano