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                    MB plastic

                    Dongguan city Shan Me Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial garden of the QiangFa group of Guan well North Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan city. It is on the verge of Guan Jing tou reservoir. It is only a thousand meters away from Longgang in Shenzhen. It has the Dongshen highway, the Long Ping highway passes through, the traffic is convenient and the geographical position is superior. The company has fifty high precision injection molding machines (80 tons to 850 tons), all equipped with mechanical hands, mainly to produce high quality plastic products. The quality of service and the strength of the company are recognized by the customers.

                    Injection shop

                    • Injection workshop one

                      Injection workshop one

                    • Injection workshop two

                      Injection workshop two

                    • Injection workshop three

                      Injection workshop three

                    Major equipment

                    • BM-001
                    • BM-002
                    • BM-003
                    • BM-004
                    • BM-005
                    • BM-006

                    Main products


                    Main customer

                    • baoma
                    • benci
                    • behr
                    • byd
                    • compx
                    • daikin
                    • dormakaba
                    • emerson
                    • erico
                    • ftqc
                    • zebra
                    • meidi
                    • valeo
                    • newell
                    • shinano