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                    YDS SiTl

                    Guangdong Guangdong East Polytron Technologies Inc is an innovative company Internet plus entity, is committed to innovation, product innovation, operation innovation driven industries, the rapid development of effective brand products. Through the digital transformation of traditional paper advertising, the cost of the original business printing and publicity materials is transferred to the consumer's hands in the form of reward, which greatly reduces the business cost and improves the operation efficiency. At the same time, the consumer will make the marketing more accurate and more effective.
                    The company takes the fast product as the medium to bring traffic to the online platform through the way of scavenging. At the same time, the online platform promotes the brand and promotion of the products, and promotes and develops each other together. In addition to providing its own products, the company also seeks to cooperate with all industry friends with great sincerity, and creates a benign ecological industry with a product platform and a platform to make products. It will inject strong vitality into the social and economic development.
                    Company name: Guangdong Guangdong Shun East Polytron Technologies Inc
                    Address: building 1511-1514, six Road 33, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.
                    Telephone: (020) 29031934